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WELCOME to the 9D Journey

Are you ready to heal, release

and become better at everything you do?


Get ready for the most transformational healing experience and immersive sound journey to date! 

Let's Go!

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9D is an experience unlike any other. Participants can expect huge breakthroughs and shifts in mindset. Instantaneous, lasting results include:

  • Release trauma without talking about it and reliving your experiences. One 9D journey is more effective than multiple one-on-one therapy sessions.

  • Improve focus and concentration.

  • Manage Grief, depression, anxiety and other conditions and emotions that can block and limit us

  • Help with controlling addictions.

  • Stop emotional eating patterns. Lose weight and feel healthier.

  • Control emotions and find peace

  • Improved ability to fall and stay asleep

  • Feel lighter in your soul and reignite your spark for life. 

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Whatis 9D

What is 9D Breathwork?

9D is a revolutionary breathwork journey with instant results in trauma release, increased focus and purpose, and improved sleep. Control your mind to control your life. 

The Nine Dimensions of 9D


1) Multi-dimensional sound experience

2) Somatic Breathwork (releasing old energy that is trapped in the body)

3) Guided vocal coaching.

4) Solfeggio Frequencies (several will be used depending on the journey you are taking)

5) 432HZ Harmonic Tuning to music that is harmonious to the body.

6) Binaural Brain Entertainment (Binaural Beats) – beats played separately in each ear which promotes harmony.

7) Isochoric Brainwave Tones – a faint, rapidly beating pulse in the ears that assists the hypnotic state.

8) Subliminal Hypnotic Therapy – while you are in an emotional state, we shift your frame of thought and suggest reframing those thoughts to a new way of thinking.

9) World-class music composition.


Experience 9D!

Best Value

4 Journey Pass



Sign up for 4 breathwork journeys which can be used at any one of Patsy and Kaleena's 9D journeys

Valid until canceled

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5 Primary Trauma Imprints 
Heal trauma and move forward free from the shackles of your past. 

Letting Go 
Release your self doubt, negative thought patterns and all that is holding you back. It is time to step into your potential and purpose.  

Clear money blocks. It's time to receive!

Healing Ancestral Trauma 
Trauma is intergenerational. It stops here with you. Heal yourself and stop the cycle of trauma for your family. 

Full Reset 
Suited for those who feel fatigued and worn out by life's pressures. Revitalize and experience a new beginning

Stress and Anxiety
Shed accumulated stress, make way for mental clarity, peace, rejuvenation, and balance

Transcending Fear
For individuals who are prepared to overcome fears and life's challenges with newfound courage

For anyone ready to break free from societal conditioning and the narratives imposed by media, governments, and outside influences. If you feel confined, small, or limited by these fictions, this journey is your pathway to awakening. 

The Origin
For anyone feeling disconnected from their true essence, eager to let go of bodily tension and blockages. It offers a path to rediscover and return to one's center, to the authentic self, back to the very beginning of one's personal journey.

Reconnecting with your Inner Child
For anyone that is struggling with deeply connecting with themselves because of the residue from the traumatized child within that we abandoned along the way to be able to deal and cope with life’s struggles which led us to becoming fragmented and showing up in life and in our relationships by dissociation, avoidance, anxious attachment and so much more. 

9D Journey Guides

Soon after Kaleena and Patsy met they discovered a similar background and interest in healing and natural living and teamed up in early 2023 with a podcast and newsletter. They were introduced to 9D Breathwork at a wellness retreat and knew they had to share these transformative journeys with others. They each bring complementary skills which make them a powerful duo for the 9D experience.


We are looking forward to guiding you through these powerfully life changing journeys!

“It was an amazing and life changing experience. I can't wait to keep going"
"...Kaleena and Patsy's enthusiasm for facilitating these events and their combined desire to create a safe and conscious spaces for healing are a force of nature. I highly recommend the experience!
“I went in with an open mind, it was an amazing experience. I would definitely do it again
“Very effective and enlightening experience. I felt much better and lighter after."
“A Kundalini Shortcut!”

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